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Posted on November 13, 2020

As part of the tournament held by IT-League Lviv, the first victory came immediately for DevCom football team this game season!

DevCom football team just faced the opposing team, and as a result of the game, it turned out to be pretty easy for our team to win. We finished the match with a six-goal lead. Great start for DevCom. Congratulations to the team and are truly proud of them!

Football teaches not only teamwork, but also the values ​​of the role of each person in the team.  And our team knows it for sure, it’s also nice to note that we are happy to finally return to the game’s process and to the fight for the Cup. We wish our boys a successful season and only pleasant emotions from the games.

      • Here are all the resources available for watching the game:

 The full photo report of the match;

 Live video;

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    • Devcom Football Team Shows Excellent Performance


          • About DevCom

            DevCom is a full-service software development company based in Lviv, Ukraine. DevCom offices are located in Florida, USA.

            Main areas of expertise: Software and application development for ISVs and companies of all sizes, from small businesses to international groups.

            The company provides a full range of IT consulting services, from the development of a product idea to its final implementation. He specializes in the areas of Cloud / DevOps, Web / Mobile / Desktop, SaaS, BI / Analytics and UI / UX, with a focus on five main market segments – healthcare, logistics, fintech, retail and non-profit organizations.

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