Our .NET software development teams help fast-growing companies to build successful, scalable projects that users love.


.NET Development Company

Since 2002, when .NET Framework was launched, DevCom provides software consulting and .NET software development outsourcing—from digital product innovation to total business transformation. We leverage our expertise in delivering process-oriented .NET applications and software products for cloud, web, mobile, and desktop applications.

As our company has climbed the ladder of success in the IT world, it has gained recognition from clients globally (in the USA, the UK, European countries, Canada, and others), including large enterprises, Fortune 500 companies, ISVs, and established startups across healthcare, logistics, fintech, nonprofits, retail, sport, entertainment industries, and many more.

DevCom beats its offshore and nearshore competitors primarily due to its unique partnership-led software delivery approach and competitive rates. We offer a set of different engagement models for long-term partnerships and guarantee expert knowledge, cutting-edge software development practices, security, quick team scalability, and a smooth communication process to bring our clients’ boldest business ideas to life.

100+ developers - Devcom
Trust DevCom’s .NET dedicated engineering team to manage all stages of the project development cycle—from discovery to post-delivery support.


Consulting Services for guidance, development, and support for mission-critical business solutions in .NET.
Custom .NET Development - Devcom

Custom .NET Development

Custom software development based on .NET technologies is one of the priority directions at DevCom. Our .NET engineering team delivers high-performance, cutting-edge, robust, and multi-functional web, mobile, and desktop application creation, portals, and software products that help businesses compete and grow.
.NET Cloud Applications - Devcom

.NET Cloud Applications

DevCom .NET engineers help ambitious organizations adopt cloud technologies and build modern and scalable cloud applications, including web apps and serverless, on all major cloud platforms (AWS, Azure). Our continuous investment in next-generation technologies and network offerings provides comprehensive solutions for businesses.
Enterprise .NET Solutions - Devcom

Enterprise .NET Solutions

DevCom creates scalable and reliable .NET enterprise-level applications and business management systems. We develop ERP, CRM, HRIS, corporate web portals, complex systems with multiple websites and databases, SaaS and API apps, custom modules, applications with offline mode, PWA, etc.
Dedicated .NET Teams - Devcom

Dedicated .NET Teams

DevCom's experience in building dedicated .NET development teams helps lots of businesses extend their in-house teams and uplift their business and technical performance. Our dedicated .NET developers will help design, develop, maintain, and boost your projects and solutions that will take your business to the next level.
.NET Microservices Architecture - Devcom

.NET Microservices Architecture

DevCom .NET developers have substantial experience in microservices-based applications development using .NET & Docker Containers for Windows or Linux: building the architecture from scratch; splitting the monolith architecture into loosely coupled microservices; building microservices around the existing monolith.
.NET Consulting - Devcom

.NET Consulting

We provide end-to-end solutions in all .NET services and technologies and a full range of consulting services for .NET and other Microsoft technologies. Our .NET Consulting cross-industry experience gives more exposure and a broader perspective, which allows bringing new ideas to an industry solution that would not have been considered otherwise.

.NET Development Solutions

Tailored .Net Development Solutions that align with your information technology objectives and operational workflows.

DevCom develops web applications and websites that are robust, user-friendly, and fully functional. These applications are designed to have excellent scalability and integration capabilities, which are made possible by utilizing the features of the .NET framework.
Content Management Systems
Moreover, we specialize in utilizing .NET programming language to build customized Content Management Systems (CMS) that cater to your specific requirements. With our tailored-fit solutions, you can effectively manage your operations and internal processes.
The demand for eCommerce has significantly increased, leading to companies facing difficulties in keeping up. By employing highly skilled .NET developers, you can create an appealing and extremely efficient eCommerce platform, or upgrade your current one to an advanced level.
If you utilize our Development and Operations (DevOps) services, we can enhance the transparency and flexibility of your operations. Our team can help you leverage the strengths of .NET to transform your team's approach to workflow.

The Benefits of Using .NET

1. Performance

.NET Core technologies, when used in conjunction with an appropriate database and architecture, can provide excellent performance and efficiency for all types of business applications.

2. Flexibility

.NET Core enables apps to adjust to various business scenarios by providing support for multiple languages and offering choices to develop and deploy apps on various environments.

3. Security

By providing a wide range of security measures, such as Code Access Security, .NET development offers an increased level of protection for your software solution.

4. Scalability

.NET is designed to be highly scalable, which means that it can handle increased workloads and can grow with the business as its needs evolve.

5. Integration with other Microsoft technologies

Since .NET is a Microsoft technology, it can be easily integrated with other Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server, SharePoint, and Office. This can provide businesses with a seamless experience across different Microsoft products.

6. Support

Microsoft provides excellent support for .NET, including regular updates, bug fixes, and technical support. This can help businesses to ensure that their applications remain up-to-date and secure.

Ready to create a tailored-made application for your business?

With our custom .NET software development services, you can take your .NET project to the next level.
Our team will ensure that you are connected with the appropriate talent that matches your specific needs.

Our .NET Projects

Our client success stories are the best testimony to the excellency of our software support.

See for yourself how reliable our offshore software development is.

Customers trust us

Director of IT, Auditing Nonprofit Organization
"DevCom has completed 30 development and integration projects throughout the partnership. Projects range from SharePoint and .NET to CRM development. DevCom delivers valuable work at a reasonable price. The agency’s contributions increase revenues and streamline processes. They are capable of tackling any technical challenge, remain flexible in their operations, and offer reliable, efficient, and hassle-free communication.DevCom has a very flexible approach. I can't think of any other vendor that would provide the same services with DevCom's cost and timeframe.”
Head of Technical Services
"DevCom developed a .NET web solution to help libraries manage and distribute content to users. The system was also built to retain security, copyright information, and user permissions. I appreciated DevCom’s approach when it came to working with a new technology. They were more than willing to learn what was necessary to deliver the solution we needed. On many occasions, DevCom presented ideas for moving forward. This was helpful because, on several occasions, we knew what we wanted but didn't know how to implement it.”
Shareholder, SureTrak, Ltd.
"Using .NET and PHP, DevCom developed a web-based application that was previously stalled due to limited resources. When we moved from MySQL to SQL Server, or to a .NET architecture, there was always someone in DevCom's building who was fully skilled and knew what they were talking about. We've never had to outsource development tasks to another company as a result. We've received extraordinary feedback from end users. The product has just been launched, but it has proven to be a massive disruptor for the industry. Companies are aware of what we've created, so this may actually change the way in which trading is done in the industry. ”
Chris Harris
CEO – TradeWeb, Inc
"DevCom is a TradeWeb, Inc premier business partner in many complicated development tasks. We have been working together for over twenty years. Today, TradeWeb has over fifteen DevCom developers working on various projects and we could not be more pleased with the high quality of work they constantly deliver. We strongly recommend DevCom to any US firm who needs additional programming resources.”
Joao Paulo
Broadsoft Japan
“DevCom team is very professional. Their communication skills are very good, from finance team to developers, through the project manager. The PM is very competent in addressing issues. I like the way he was able to get to know the problem, analyse it and give rich suggestions and insights on how to approach the development. He is very polite, and calm. I highly recommend DevCom for your next project”.
Stewart Skiff
Track Systems, Operations Manager
"Our company has had the pleasure of working with DevCom on the development of several software applications over the last 10 years, some quite large. We found that they are very responsive to our needs and compile a quality product on time. We would recommend them to anyone who needs software application development, form Database to web Clients".
Uffe Kousgaard
RouteWare, Director
“DevCom has shown a high degree of professionalism in execution of the tasks, they have solved for RouteWare. Project progress has been reported on its way, and budgets have always been kept”.
Reimar Kosack
Founder & CEO, WWSC
“DevCom is very proactive. Whenever we have an issue, we can reach out to different resources. There was never a case in which I felt like I needed to escalate an issue to a supervisor. We’ve liked working with DevCom”.
Finn Gilling
Founder & CEO, Gilling/The Human Decision
"DevCom is a very friendly team. They are not tough business people, but actually enjoy what they do. They really have a personal touch. They're not a big organization with many rules".
Piers Wilson
SureTrak, Ltd
“They're big enough not to be dependent on our project, but they're also small enough to care about it. DevCom is the right size for a company of our size”.
Lloyd Jackson
JacksonGas, Founder
"Our company was very satisfied with the DevCom developers. They were timely with their submissions, their work product was very good, and when we needed to work through changes and other issues that inevitably arise as a programming project progresses, they responded promptly and without complaint. They charged a fair price for their services and delivered a product that met our needs".
Yossi Goldlust
Founder & CEO, search-massive.com
“I appreciated the collaborative nature of the relationship. Even though DevCom was technically a contractor, and I was just another client for them, I felt a strong personal connection. They were enthusiastic about their work in a way that went beyond just being professional”.
Jerry Braccia
W.J. Deutsch & Sons Lead Designer - Creative Services
"Always satisfied with DevCom's level of service and expertise. They are our go-to development company. Highly recommended".

Why Choose Devcom?

  • 20+ years in IT with hundred projects delivered.
  • .NET stack is profile technologies at DevCom.
  • 2-19 years of relationships with key Customers
  • 95% of the clients are ready to recommend DevCom to others and repurchase
  • AWS Partner with certified AWS developers and solution architects
  • 150+ skilled software engineers; 50% are Leads and Seniors.
  • 45% of employees work with DevCom for 7-20 years
  • Headquarter in the United States (FL)
  • Clients in the USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Denmark, Netherlands and more
  • Mature delivery and management model
  • Designers who create User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) that drive user adoption and subscription renewal rate.
  • Highly Skilled .NET Developers and Professionals

.Net Technology Stack

We aim to introduce innovative ideas to every project we undertake, utilizing our skill set.

Web development



















Responsive Design

Responsive Design



Industries we Work with

With over 20+ years of experience, DevCom is a team of experienced developers and product strategists constantly researching and developing new trends and technologies in various industry sectors.

This deep knowledge of challenges, technologies, and regulations helps us tailor apps for industries at an accelerated pace. We bring in a superior understanding of the latest tech tools, devices and software that enables us to create apps tailored to the needs of these industries.


There are numerous possibilities to utilize Microsoft-powered .Net, when creating applications. You have the option of constructing various types of software, such as mobile or desktop apps, using a range of languages, tools, editors, and libraries. This includes the creation of:

  • tech-savvy applications
  • ERP, POS, or project management tools
  • the latest technology applications that rely on IoT, ML, and AI
  • to develop unique and distinctive MVC-based architecture applications.

DevCom is a trusted .Net software development company that provides businesses with a wide range of customized solutions. Our team of expert developers possesses vast expertise and an in-depth understanding of Microsoft's .Net framework from 2000-x to the most recent versions. We have served numerous clients in diverse industries, delivering a comprehensive range of services, such as custom software development, web and mobile app development, cutting-edge IOT-based app development, ERP, POS, project management tools, and other microservices-based applications.

The cost of developing an application varies based on multiple factors, such as the technology, tools, project duration, complexity, and the number of developers needed. If you need further details regarding the approximate cost, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Based on our proficiency in .Net development, we recommend migrating your application if any of the following features are required:

  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Improved performance and scalability
  • Implementation of microservices architecture and containers
  • Simplified deployment and maintenance
  • Enhanced security
  • Long-term support
  • Modern development experience

In cases when your application requires better performance, scalability, cross-platform compatibility, open-source and community-driven development, containerization and microservices support, simplified deployment and maintenance, enhanced security, long-term support, modern development experience, it is advisable to migrate your application to .NET Core, you should migrate your app to .NET Core.

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On our blog, we have compiled all the technical knowledge of DevCom, making it easily accessible for you. Dive into our articles on software support, or contact us for further information.

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