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We are Devcom, a leading serverless development company, specializing in custom tailored serverless solutions to specifically match your business requirements. We offer affordable, scalable, and highly effective serverless software development services. Let's explore the endless possibilities together.

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Serverless Application Development Company

At Devcom, we're thrilled to be your go-to serverless application development experts with extensive experience in custom serverless application development. Our team’s expertise lies in creating serverless solutions and a serverless ecosystem that are innovative and are able to boost the efficiency of your business. Let's join forces to make it happen!

Why Use Serverless?

Serverless is a game-changer in application development, bringing a host of advantages that empower businesses.

Expertise in NFT development
Enhanced Scalability

Serverless architecture seamlessly adapts to varying workloads, automatically scaling resources up or down as needed. This ensures peak performance during high demand without manual intervention.

Customized solutions
Simplified Management

Using serverless computing, developers concentrate solely on coding, leaving the cloud provider in charge of server allocations, expansion, and maintenance. It makes for easier development and less complicated operations.

End-to-end services

Serverless application development services operate on a pay-as-you-go model. You only pay for the computing resources used during code execution. This approach saves operational costs as it takes away the need for server provisioning and maintenance.

Cutting-edge technology

Serverless platforms offer a developer-friendly environment. They come equipped with pre-configured runtimes and seamless integration with various services, streamlining the deployment and management of applications.

Our Serverless Software Development Services

We've got a wide range of serverless software development services that are all about meeting your unique needs. Our experienced team specializes in:
Finance and Banking

Custom Serverless App Development Services

We're here to provide serverless app development services that perfectly align with your business goals. Whether it's a web app, mobile app, or a sophisticated enterprise-level system, our developers are well-equipped to deliver solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Finance and Banking

Serverless Web App Development

Our serverless web development services open the door to creating highly responsive and scalable web applications that offer an outstanding user experience. Count on serverless service to ensure that your web apps perform optimally, even when dealing with heavy traffic.

Finance and Banking

Serverless Architecture Integration

We're all about making your systems better. We seamlessly integrate serverless architecture into your existing setup, boosting their scalability and efficiency. Our experts make sure the transition and serverless cloud integration is seamless, so your organization can fully enjoy its benefits.

Finance and Banking

Serverless Storage Management

Modern businesses know that efficient data storage and management are key. Our serverless storage solutions are designed to handle large volumes of data while maintaining data integrity and accessibility.

Finance and Banking

Serverless API Development

Our serverless API development services and dedicated specialists are here to help you create robust, secure, and highly available APIs that empower your applications to communicate effortlessly with other services and systems.

Our Technology Stack

To bring you top-notch serverless solutions, we rely on versatile and cutting-edge technologies that cover:
Cloud Migration Services

AWS Services

These services are our go-to for building robust and super-scalable serverless applications that deliver precision performance based on your business logic.
Azure Services

Azure Services

When it comes to creating cutting-edge serverless solutions that fit your business like a glove and meet all your project requirements, we tap into the incredible power of Azure.
Cloud computing and software development

Google Cloud Platform Services

Our mastery of GCP cloud infrastructure guarantees you get serverless solutions that are perfectly fine-tuned to match your business needs.

Let's Turn Your Serverless Ideas into Reality

Why choose Devcom?

Experienced Serverless App Developers

Our team is made up of seasoned serverless application developers who truly understand the ins and outs of this technology, its immense capabilities, and master agile development methodology. We bring this wealth of expertise to projects of any operational complexity that we take on, ensuring it always shines.

Flexible Hiring Models

We offer flexible engagement models that can be tailored precisely to what you require. Whether it's a dedicated development team or help with a single project, our services are designed to fit you like a glove.

Agility in Project Delivery

We know that time is of the essence. Our agile development methods and development process are geared towards ensuring that your serverless solutions are not just delivered on schedule but also within your budget, giving you the competitive edge.

Advanced Technologies Implementation

Staying ahead of the technology curve is a top-notch goal for us. We actively incorporate the latest advancements in serverless computing into our solutions and cloud application development, guaranteeing you innovation that keeps you ahead in the game.

Cost Savings

When it comes to costs, we've got your back. Serverless computing inherently cuts down on infrastructure and operational expenses. Partnering with us means you not only get cutting-edge tech but also enjoy significant cost savings that'll make your bottom line smile

Serverless Use Cases

Our clients’ success stories offer an in-depth look into how businesses from various industries have harnessed the power of serverless computing to overcome challenges and performance issues, drive innovation, and achieve remarkable results.

Clients Testimonials

Here, you'll discover real stories from clients who've embarked on their serverless journeys with our efficient serverless solutions. These testimonials go beyond mere words – they stand as proof of our commitment, expertise, and the concrete benefits our solutions bring to businesses like yours.
CEO, SaaS Provider, USA
"With the assistance of DevCom, we have grown our application base from a single application to a multi-module solution suite. They do full-stack development for simple to complex applications. They have a proven track record of great development and customer service. They’re dedicated to quality.”
Chris Harris
CEO – TradeWeb, Inc
"DevCom is a TradeWeb, Inc premier business partner in many complicated development tasks. We have been working together for over twenty years. Today, TradeWeb has over fifteen DevCom developers working on various projects and we could not be more pleased with the high quality of work they constantly deliver. We strongly recommend DevCom to any US firm who needs additional programming resources.”
Joao Paulo
Broadsoft Japan
“DevCom team is very professional. Their communication skills are very good, from finance team to developers, through the project manager. The PM is very competent in addressing issues. I like the way he was able to get to know the problem, analyse it and give rich suggestions and insights on how to approach the development. He is very polite, and calm. I highly recommend DevCom for your next project”.
Stewart Skiff
Track Systems, Operations Manager
"Our company has had the pleasure of working with DevCom on the development of several software applications over the last 10 years, some quite large. We found that they are very responsive to our needs and compile a quality product on time. We would recommend them to anyone who needs software application development, form Database to web Clients".
Uffe Kousgaard
RouteWare, Director
“DevCom has shown a high degree of professionalism in execution of the tasks, they have solved for RouteWare. Project progress has been reported on its way, and budgets have always been kept”.
Reimar Kosack
Founder & CEO, WWSC
“DevCom is very proactive. Whenever we have an issue, we can reach out to different resources. There was never a case in which I felt like I needed to escalate an issue to a supervisor. We’ve liked working with DevCom”.
Finn Gilling
Founder & CEO, Gilling/The Human Decision
"DevCom is a very friendly team. They are not tough business people, but actually enjoy what they do. They really have a personal touch. They're not a big organization with many rules".
Piers Wilson
SureTrak, Ltd
“They're big enough not to be dependent on our project, but they're also small enough to care about it. DevCom is the right size for a company of our size”.
Lloyd Jackson
JacksonGas, Founder
"Our company was very satisfied with the DevCom developers. They were timely with their submissions, their work product was very good, and when we needed to work through changes and other issues that inevitably arise as a programming project progresses, they responded promptly and without complaint. They charged a fair price for their services and delivered a product that met our needs".
Yossi Goldlust
Founder & CEO,
“I appreciated the collaborative nature of the relationship. Even though DevCom was technically a contractor, and I was just another client for them, I felt a strong personal connection. They were enthusiastic about their work in a way that went beyond just being professional”.
Jerry Braccia
W.J. Deutsch & Sons Lead Designer - Creative Services
"Always satisfied with DevCom's level of service and expertise. They are our go-to development company. Highly recommended".

Serverless Solution in Various Industries

Explore how serverless quality solutions can revolutionize a vast range of industries:
Healthcare & Medtech

Healthcare & Medtech

In the healthcare sector, precision is everything. Serverless solutions empower healthcare providers to efficiently manage patient records while maintaining data security and compliance.
Logistics and Transportation

Logistics and Transportation

Serverless technology makes real-time route optimization and tracking a breeze for logistics and transportation companies. This translates into cost savings and enhanced customer service.
Fintech Software

Fintech Software

For fintech applications that demand scalability and security, serverless computing is the perfect fit. It allows for development of financial apps capable of handling a growing user base and complex transactions.
Construction & Engineering

Construction & Engineering

In construction, effective and agile project management is non-negotiable. Serverless and computing services streamline communication, document handling, and resource allocation, ensuring projects stay on track and within budget.
E-commerce & Retail

E-commerce & Retail

The retail industry thrives on flexibility and efficiency in inventory management and order processing. Serverless solutions optimize these processes, providing real-time insights into inventory levels and order fulfillment.
Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment

Serverless architectures enable seamless content delivery at scale, ensuring that media and entertainment companies can deliver uninterrupted, high-quality experiences to their audiences.


Real-time statistics and analysis are paramount in the sports world. Serverless solutions provide the computational horsepower required to process and analyze vast volumes of sports data in real-time.
Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Serverless technology takes customer engagement to the next level through dynamic applications that adapt to user behavior, resulting in personalized and highly effective marketing campaigns.

Serverless: FAQs

A serverless web app is a modern application setup where cloud services handle all the heavy lifting – think server-side logic and infrastructure management. This nifty approach lets developers focus entirely on crafting code and building features. Meanwhile, all the complex infrastructure stuff is taken care of by the cloud provider.

There are several benefits of employing AWS for serverless computing. To start with, it is cost efficient as you only pay for what you consume. Not to mention, it has limitless scalability, which means you don’t have to worry about managing servers when your apps grow.

And the cherry on top? It's incredibly user-friendly. You can create and run the application without the server headache as AWS Lambda function and API gateway allow developing such cloud-based applications without server hassle, which means reduced cost and operational load.

Serverless apps are your best bet when you've got unpredictable workloads that vary in size. They also shine when it comes to applications with traffic patterns that are all over the place – from sporadic to sudden bursts. The beauty of serverless platforms is their automatic scalability, meaning they automatically take care of scaling and resource allocation for you.

Here's the deal: developing quality serverless solutions is about the app, not the server. It's a development approach that relies on cloud services to handle the technical nitty-gritty, leaving developers free to focus on code.

AWS, also referred to as Amazon Web Services, is a big player in cloud computing. They provide a large range of cloud services such as AWS Lambda which is serverless-based service.

In fact, if people refer to ‘the AWS serverless’ it is actually about building serverless applications in the context of using the services of the AWS. Simply put, serverless development is about how to build apps and AWS provides tools for that.

The cost of developing quality serverless solutions can vary a lot. Factors like app complexity and project details, project idea, your chosen cloud provider, cloud-based technologies, the number of serverless functions or services you use, and how much your app chews up in terms of resources all play a role.

Keep these in mind when estimating costs:

  • Cloud provider: Different providers have different pricing structures. For example, AWS Lambda charges based on request numbers and execution time, while others may have their own methods.
  • Function complexity: Complex functions might need more resources, which can hike up development costs.
  • Data storage: If your app uses data storage or databases, storage services and access also add money.
  • Traffic and usage: How many requests your app gets and how much computation it handles will affect costs.
  • Development and testing: Remember to account for development and testing costs, including developer time and any tools or services you use during development.

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