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Our technology expertise means advanced knowledge, talent,

and 20 years of experience of working with all mainstream

technology stacks and types of software products.

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We have the expertise in Cloud, SaaS, desktop, mobile, and back-office domains.

Our dedicated software engineers can handle your development and support needs.

As a dedicated cloud hosting service integrator for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, we apply our significant experience to accomplish your serverless operations goals. Our experts will help with the strategy, timing, and roadmap, making your migration to the Cloud quick and effortless. So you can focus on maximizing competitive capability and innovation.
Our DevOps Consulting Services range from fully autonomous, cross-functional teams to individual DevOps Engineers that can seamlessly integrate into your project to evaluate risks and identify possible roadblocks. We are experts in CI\CD, data maintenance and archiving, network security, migration from on-premise to Cloud, logs processing, and more.
DevCom top talents are passionate about SaaS development, especially ERP and CRM. Our expertise in developing SaaS applications allows us to provide rapid time to market and reduce product development risk. We plan and develop applications using the right architecture for your organization. We relate with your vision and understand the problem you are solving.
Our battle-proven API engineering team develop enterprise-grade APIs that are easy to consume, well documented, and truly reliable. We work with Restful API, OAuth, Open API specification, Single Sign-On, Swagger API documentation, PostMan collections & documentation, BlazeMeter. Our APIs facilitate access to application data, functionality and business logic, as well as web services.
Get your projects built by our vetted Microservices architecture engineers, who are experienced in designing large scale products using multiple technologies like .Net, Java, and databases with best of the security standards. Refactor your platforms to more efficient Microservices architecture to break large applications into lightweight apps that can be scaled horizontally.
Desktop Software
We bring 20-year experience to offer full-cycle desktop application development services from business analysis through design and implementation to QA and maintenance. Our desktop application development skills can become your ground for building the multi-platform application that will gain customer loyalty and outdo competitors with the rich functionality, speed of work, and user-friendly interface.
Application Re-Engineering
Whether your business process has outgrown your software, DevCom can deliver the best re-engineering response to fit your needs. We can recreate applications for web and mobile platforms with cutting-edge re-development by using advanced features, functionalities, UX design, architecture, technology, language, framework, and platform.
We deliver the right information to the right people via business intelligence and advanced data analytics. Our end-to-end business intelligence (BI) services include consulting, implementation, data visualization, reporting, and testing to help businesses benefit from informed decision-making.
Business Analysis
DevCom analysts deliver best business analysis practice to help our customers find new emerging opportunities with technologies and optimal solutions for organizations to facilitate progress, improve products and software through data analysis. Our BA expertise can integrate with related services such as Project Management, Consulting, and IT Service Management to provide a full life-cycle solution to meet your business needs.
Our managed IT security services employ best practices to keep your network and infrastructure secure. We provide management of the entire IT environment to detect and deter threats and develop a robust web security strategy in a fully managed, easy-to-use solutions, like AWS WAF (DDOS & vulnerability), Network Security (VPC, VPN), Amazon Secrets Manager, ADFS, to meet your security objectives.
DevCom offers software quality assurance as part of the custom software development package and as an individual service. We have expertise in testing desktop applications, web applications, and mobile apps. During the QA process, we use a smart combination of automated and manual approaches to ensure your final product is smooth and runs without a single hiccup.
We see the user interface and user experience design as an integral part of every solution created by DevCom. We build optimal intersections between business goals and users needs, by providing end-to-end UI/UX design/redesign for desktop applications, web, and mobile platforms.
Web3 Development
As proficient innovators in Web3 development, we are dedicated to harnessing the transformative power of blockchain and decentralized technologies. Our Web3 experts will guide you through the intricacies of decentralized apps (DApps), smart contracts, and blockchain integration. Let us navigate the path to a decentralized future for your business, ensuring you stay ahead in the Web3 revolution..
AI Development
At the forefront of AI innovation, our AI development team crafts intelligent solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's building advanced machine learning models, creating sophisticated chatbots, or developing AI-driven automation systems, we leverage cutting-edge technologies to empower your business with the capabilities of artificial intelligence. Trust us to bring your AI vision to life.

Core Technologies

Our architects, engineers, and developers are highly skilled in popular and emerging technologies

to build scalable and secure robust solutions that are tailored to your unique business ecosystem.


Our client success rate is testimony to the development excellency we provide.

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Contract Options

We, at DevCom, are flexible towards your business processes and requirements. If the

contract options below don’t fit what you’re looking for, you can suggest your own.

icon Fixed Price Contract

Fits well with customers requiring standard architecture with detailed software specifications.

The contract saves your money by specifying optimal requirements from the start.

icon Time & Material Contract

Provides flexibility for clients with dynamic tasks and ongoing projects requiring experienced developers for as long as needed.

icon Dedicated Developer Contract
Allows clients to secure selected professionals to join their busy team for an extended period of time while saving time and resources.
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