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Posted on August 2, 2019

Agile overview

Traditional software development approaches appeared to many software developers to be too rigid and resulting in over-budgeting and delays. In February 2001, leading software engineers met in Snowbird, Utah to discuss an alternative and lightweight approach to software development.

The leading developers issued a symbolic Manifesto for Agile software development that consisted of three main principles:

  1. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.
  2. Working software over comprehensive documentation.
  3. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.

Following these Agile principles, developers use short, regular and controllable iterations of work called Sprints. In one short Sprint (2-4 weeks), a full development cycle is performed. It includes analysis, design, coding, testing and product release. Moreover, developers release a working software solution at the end of each Sprint. Finally, every next Sprint is an extension to the already working software solution that brings developers closer to a final version.


Agile for Software Development

Agile advantages

  1. The methodology decreases the risk of over-budgeting and spending extra money on eliminating bugs. Every project developed with Agile brings a potential budget reduction.
  2. An Agile-oriented development team creates a working version of the solution every 2-4 weeks. This way, developers are able to provide the final bug-free software solution to a client much faster.
  3. More projects are successful because a development plan can be changed in the middle of a sprint.  The sooner both a customer and a developer understand the need for changes, the sooner they will be able to apply them.
  4. The best Agile advantage is an early Return On Investments (ROI). In short, a solution can be ready for commercial use after 2-3 Sprints.

Keep in mind. DevCom has adopted Agile methodologies designed to create lean, timely and effective solutions that achieve our client’s goals. 

These methodologies represent an iterative development model in which the overall effort is broken into multiple releases in order to achieve the goals outlined for a particular phase. We put a lot of emphasis on three elements of the development lifecycle: Initial Project Assessment and Planning, Quality Project Management, Quality Assurance.

In case you have a project that requires Agile software development, share it with us.

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