Discovery Phase Service and IT Consulting

DevCom’s discovery phase services help businesses to create an interactive prototype, choose a technology stack, optimize development costs, mitigate risks, and come up with a well-planned software development timeline.

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Discovery Phase Service

The discovery phase is a complex service tailored to bridge the gap between your business idea and a targeted software solution.
DevCom’s discovery phase services are ready to tackle your toughest challenges as well as to help improve processes and technology. We offer your company the skills, technology, and industry knowledge that help you to set product goals, prioritize product features, produce wireframes and mockups, to elicit product architecture, create an interactive prototype, estimate costs, and plan project development stages. Devcom can help you to understand the problems that need to be solved before you commit to starting with the development stage. That means learning about your users and their demands, as well as any issues you may face after the project goes life (security, compliance, data privacy, legislation, etc.).

After the successful discovery phase, you will be able to see how the initial brief and requirements have been transformed into the final deliverables which set clear further steps in the product development. You will be able to find new emerging opportunities with technologies and optimal solutions to facilitate progress, improve project and software through data analysis.

What will you receive?

During the discovery, you build a foundation for your future business or solution success.
Final project vision that fully describes the solution, its goals, features
Industry and competition analysis
Defined business needs, and metrics
Reduced risks
Build trust
Functional requirements and development specification
System Architecture documentation
Technology stack, frameworks, and software components to use
Cloud provider and technologies
CI/CD pipeline
Visual Design
UI/UX concept
Prototype and wireframes
Screen flows
Implementation Plan
Efficient resource management
Cost proposal with estimation
Established roadmap and MVP milestones
Recommendations for task execution sequences, risks, and dependencies

Product Discovery Team

DevCom brings deep experience combined with unwavering commitment and focus to help organizations succeed, right now.
One aspect that influences the success of a product is the people. At DevCom, the discovery phase is performed by a team of senior dedicated experts who have a strong experience that is relevant to a project’s development, depending on what is being worked on.
A solution architect, project manager, business analyst, and UX specialist take the lead during the discovery stage. When additional expertise is needed, tech lead, account manager, engineers, or other professionals can join the efforts. The number of experts in this team is contingent on how complex the project is, as well as what your goals are.

Our client success stories are the best testimony to the excellency of our software support.

See for yourself how reliable our offshore software development is.

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Contract Options

We, at DevCom, are flexible towards your business processes and requirements. If the

contract options below don’t fit what you’re looking for, you can suggest your own.

icon Fixed Price Contract

Fits well with customers requiring standard architecture with detailed software specifications.

The contract saves your money by specifying optimal requirements from the start.

icon Time & Material Contract

Provides flexibility for clients with dynamic tasks and ongoing projects requiring experienced developers for as long as needed.

icon Dedicated Developer Contract
Allows clients to secure selected professionals to join their busy team for an extended period of time while saving time and resources.
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