Unified IT Solution for Enhanced Emergency Medical Services and Hospital Care Communication

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Case Study

The Emergency Medical Services and hospital care industry is a rapidly growing sector. Its call centers require innovative technological solutions to enhance patient care and operational efficiency, particularly in critical situations where timely response is crucial for saving lives.

This case study showcases the collaboration between DevCom, an outsourcing/outstaff IT company, and its client, an IT product company that has developed a solution for call centers in Emergency Medical Services organizations and hospitals.

Client & product

Our client is an IT product company specializing in developing software solutions for the EMS industry for over 40 years. They have designed a cutting-edge platform that streamlines Emergency Medical Services communication, boosts productivity, and expedites patient care. This platform also facilitates using mobile telehealth to optimize pre-hospital patient care and reduce costs.

Developing and supporting complex and critical software like the kind our client offers to Emergency Medical Services and hospitals requires a capable IT department. This department should include skilled developers, testers, designers, system analysts, and managers.


Many IT product companies face challenges in accelerating product development and improving its quality. These challenges include fierce competition in the IT job market for experienced developers, time constraints in the recruitment process, high costs associated with maintaining an on-site team, and the need to promptly adjust the team’s capacity for short-term, critical projects.

DevCom’s client also confronted these issues in developing their IT team.

At the same time, DevCom, as an outsourcing/outstaff IT company, boasts a team of highly skilled developers and engineers who excel in software development, cloud computing, UI/UX design, and project management. Their experience spans various industries, including Emergency Medical Services and healthcare.

The collaboration between the two companies commenced when the IT product company approached DevCom with their project requirements. They required the expertise of a UI/UX designer to create a user-friendly interface for a call-center application capable of efficiently managing multiple active call lines simultaneously.


  • Solution icon 1 Clearly defined and specified client requirements enabled DevCom to propose a fixed-price approach for the project, which is ideal for most initial projects. Close communication and collaboration between the client’s team and the UI designer resulted in the development of an exceptional UI, crucial for enhancing the call center’s operator experience.
  • Solution icon 2 The next project involved developing a new Angular application that automated a portion of the onboarding process for new call centers within the IT product company. This automation saved time and improved the quality of service within the IT product company’s service department. This project was also implemented on a fixed-price basis.
  • Solution icon 3 After recognizing the high-quality work and valuable expertise of DevCom’s team, the IT product company requested additional developers to augment their in-house IT team. They needed developers with specific skills and experience to assist in the development and deployment of their software solutions to the market.
  • Solution icon 4 Following a comprehensive analysis of the project requirements, DevCom provided a team of developers and engineers to collaborate with the client’s in-house team. These teams worked closely to ensure that the software solution met the specified requirements.
  • Solution icon 5 DevCom provided ongoing support and maintenance services to guarantee the software’s ongoing performance, security, and up-to-dateness.


The software solution developed for the IT product company was warmly received by the market, quickly gaining popularity among EMS and hospital care providers.

DevCom’s team of developers and engineers played a pivotal role in the project’s success. Their expertise and experience were instrumental in helping the client create a high-quality software solution that met the demands of the Emergency Medical Services and hospital care industry.

This case study highlights the significance of collaboration between different companies and how outsourcing and outstaffing services can empower businesses to thrive in their respective industries.

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