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Looking to hire Angular software development company? At Devcom, the top Angular development company, we understand that having a robust online presence is a must today. Our mission is to transform your digital aspirations into tangible results.

With our expertise, cutting-edge technologies, and seasoned Angular development team, your business can harness the power of Angular for a seamless online experience.

Why Choose Angular for Your Project?

Angular technology stands tall among the myriad of web development frameworks available today. But what makes it the preferred choice for many?
Expertise in NFT development
Speed & Performance

Speed is of the essence online. Angular framework ensures rapid page loading, offering users a seamless browsing experience. No more waiting for pages to load; with Angular, it's instantaneous.

Customized solutions
Two-way Data Binding

This feature is a game-changer. It ensures real-time synchronization between the model and the view. Any change in the model instantly reflects in the view and vice versa.

End-to-end services

The beauty of Angular lies in its modular architecture. Dedicated developers can create multiple modules for a single software solution, making it scalable and maintainable.

Cutting-edge technology
Mobile-First Approach

With an increasing number of users accessing websites via mobile, having a mobile-optimized site is a must. Angular's mobile-first approach ensures your website looks and functions perfectly on mobile devices.

Cutting-edge technology
Community Support

Being backed by Google, Angular boasts a vast and active community. This means a plethora of resources, regular updates, and a pool of experts always ready to help.

Our Angular Js Development Services

At Devcom, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of Angular development services. Each service is tailored to cater to specific business needs.
Finance and Banking

Enterprise Solutions

Our enterprise solutions are designed to handle vast amounts of data and complex functionalities, ensuring businesses operate smoothly.

Finance and Banking

Single-Page Apps

The beauty of single-page apps lies in their simplicity and speed. Users can access all the content without ever reloading the page, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Finance and Banking

Angular Web App Development

Our customized web applications are designed with your business in mind. Whether it's an online booking system or a content management system, we've got you covered.

Finance and Banking

UI Development

A website's user interface can make or break the user experience. Our UI development focuses on creating intuitive and aesthetically pleasing designs and dynamic user interface that captivate users.

Finance and Banking

Angular Mobile App Development

With the world going mobile, having a mobile app is crucial. Our Angular mobile apps are optimized for performance, ensuring users have a seamless experience on the go.

Finance and Banking

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

PWAs combine the best of web and mobile apps. They're user-friendly, fast, and can work offline, offering an app-like experience on the web.

Our Angular Development Process

Our development process is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Each stage is meticulously done to ensure the highest quality output.
Finance and Banking

Requirements Gathering

This is the foundation. We dive deep to understand your vision, business goals, and business requirements. It's not just about building a web app but about realizing your digital dream.

Finance and Banking


Armed with your business requirements, our team delves into extensive market research. We analyze market trends, competitor strategies, and potential challenges. This ensures we're always a step ahead.

Finance and Banking

Wireframing & Designing

With a clear roadmap in place, we move to the design phase. Our designers craft a blueprint of the application, ensuring every element is in place.

Finance and Banking

Coding & Development

This is where the magic happens. Our seasoned Angular developers bring the design to life, ensuring every feature works seamlessly.

Finance and Banking

Web App Testing

No app is launched without rigorous testing. Our expert developers and QAs ensure every bug is caught, and the performance is optimized.

Finance and Banking

Launch & Maintenance

Once everything is perfect, we launch the app. But our relationship doesn't end there. We offer continuous support, ensuring your app always runs smoothly.

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Why Work with DevCom?

In the vast sea of Angular development companies, Devcom, stands out, and here's why.
Best Methodologies
We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our methodologies are agile and lean, ensuring efficient and timely delivery.
Transparent Collaboration
With Devcom, your Angular development services company, you're always in the loop. Regular updates, feedback sessions, and collaborative tools ensure you're a part of the journey.
Wide Expertise in Angular
Our developers aren't just skilled; they're passionate. With years of experience under their belt, they bring unparalleled expertise to the table.
Our commitment to excellence extends beyond delivery. We offer post-launch support, ensuring any issues are promptly addressed.
Flexible Business Model
Every business is unique, and so are its requirements. Our business models are flexible, ensuring you get the best within your budget.

Our Portfolio

Our work speaks louder than words. Dive into our diverse portfolio, showcasing projects spanning various industries and complexities. From startups to enterprises, our Angular solutions have powered numerous success stories.

What Our Clients Say

Client satisfaction is our ultimate reward. Hear from our satisfied clientele, whose testimonials reflect our dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence in Angular development.
CEO, SaaS Provider, USA
"With the assistance of DevCom, we have grown our application base from a single application to a multi-module solution suite. They do full-stack development for simple to complex applications. They have a proven track record of great development and customer service. They’re dedicated to quality.”
Chris Harris
CEO – TradeWeb, Inc
"DevCom is a TradeWeb, Inc premier business partner in many complicated development tasks. We have been working together for over twenty years. Today, TradeWeb has over fifteen DevCom developers working on various projects and we could not be more pleased with the high quality of work they constantly deliver. We strongly recommend DevCom to any US firm who needs additional programming resources.”
Joao Paulo
Broadsoft Japan
“DevCom team is very professional. Their communication skills are very good, from finance team to developers, through the project manager. The PM is very competent in addressing issues. I like the way he was able to get to know the problem, analyse it and give rich suggestions and insights on how to approach the development. He is very polite, and calm. I highly recommend DevCom for your next project”.
Stewart Skiff
Track Systems, Operations Manager
"Our company has had the pleasure of working with DevCom on the development of several software applications over the last 10 years, some quite large. We found that they are very responsive to our needs and compile a quality product on time. We would recommend them to anyone who needs software application development, form Database to web Clients".
Uffe Kousgaard
RouteWare, Director
“DevCom has shown a high degree of professionalism in execution of the tasks, they have solved for RouteWare. Project progress has been reported on its way, and budgets have always been kept”.
Reimar Kosack
Founder & CEO, WWSC
“DevCom is very proactive. Whenever we have an issue, we can reach out to different resources. There was never a case in which I felt like I needed to escalate an issue to a supervisor. We’ve liked working with DevCom”.
Finn Gilling
Founder & CEO, Gilling/The Human Decision
"DevCom is a very friendly team. They are not tough business people, but actually enjoy what they do. They really have a personal touch. They're not a big organization with many rules".
Piers Wilson
SureTrak, Ltd
“They're big enough not to be dependent on our project, but they're also small enough to care about it. DevCom is the right size for a company of our size”.
Lloyd Jackson
JacksonGas, Founder
"Our company was very satisfied with the DevCom developers. They were timely with their submissions, their work product was very good, and when we needed to work through changes and other issues that inevitably arise as a programming project progresses, they responded promptly and without complaint. They charged a fair price for their services and delivered a product that met our needs".
Yossi Goldlust
Founder & CEO,
“I appreciated the collaborative nature of the relationship. Even though DevCom was technically a contractor, and I was just another client for them, I felt a strong personal connection. They were enthusiastic about their work in a way that went beyond just being professional”.
Jerry Braccia
W.J. Deutsch & Sons Lead Designer - Creative Services
"Always satisfied with DevCom's level of service and expertise. They are our go-to development company. Highly recommended".

Industries We Serve

Every industry has its unique challenges and requirements. At Devcom, your go-to Angular software development company, we've honed our skills to cater to various domains.

Healthcare & Medtech

Healthcare & Medtech

With the health industry undergoing a digital transformation, we deliver apps that simplify health monitoring and enhance fitness routines.
Logistics and Transportation

Logistics and Transportation

As logistics and transportation evolve, we offer solutions that optimize routes, enhance tracking, and improve overall efficiency.
Fintech Software

Fintech Software

In the sensitive world of finance, security and efficiency are paramount. Our solutions ensure both.
Construction & Engineering

Construction & Engineering

The construction industry is more than bricks and mortar. We provide digital tools that streamline project management, enhance collaboration, and monitor progress in real-time.
E-commerce & Retail

E-commerce & Retail

We design vibrant and engaging e-commerce platforms and apps prioritizing user-friendly interactions.
Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment

With the shift to digital media consumption, our platforms are tailored for superior streaming and immersive engagement.


From live streaming to player analytics, we design platforms that cater to sports enthusiasts and professionals alike, enhancing engagement and performance.
Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

In the dynamic world of sales and marketing, our solutions offer tools for targeted campaigns, customer insights, and effective brand promotion.


Angular is a powerful and versatile platform primarily used for building dynamic web applications.

Developed and maintained by Google, Angular provides a structured framework that supports both single-page applications (SPAs) and multi-page web interfaces. Its component-based architecture allows developers to create reusable modules, making it easier to scale and maintain applications over time.

Moreover, Angular is not just limited to web applications; with frameworks like Ionic, Angular can also be used to develop mobile applications that run seamlessly across various platforms.

Angular is famous for its numerous benefits that cater to developers and businesses alike. One of its standout features is the two-way data binding, which simplifies the process of reflecting changes in the user interface in real-time. When the data in the model changes, the view updates automatically and vice versa.

Angular's modularity is another strong point, allowing developers to organize code into distinct modules, enhancing maintainability and scalability.

Being backed by Google, Angular has the advantage of a vast community, ensuring continuous updates, improvements, and a wealth of resources for learning and troubleshooting.

Besides, Angular uses TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript, which brings in the benefits of static typing, interfaces, and classes, making the code more structured and maintainable.

The framework also boasts dependency injection, enhancing the modularity and efficiency of apps.

The cost associated with developing an Angular app is influenced by a variety of factors. Some of them are:

First, the complexity of the app plays a significant role, meaning a basic app with standard features will naturally be more affordable than a multifaceted app with advanced functionalities.

Second, design intricacies, such as custom designs or animations, can also add to the development cost.

Third, if the app requires integration with third-party services or APIs, this can further influence the price.

Lastly, post-launch support, regular updates, and maintenance are aspects that can contribute to the overall cost.

The duration required to complete an Angular project depends on several factors.

First, the scope of the project is a primary determinant. This means that a broader scope with numerous features and functionalities will naturally extend the development time.

Second, the complexity of the project, in terms of advanced features, custom integrations, or intricate designs, can also influence the timeline.

Another thing is that the efficiency of the feedback loop, or how quickly feedback is provided and revisions are made, can either expedite or delay the project.

Testing is another crucial phase that influences the deadlines. Depending on the project's requirements, rigorous testing might be necessary, adding to the development time.

The size and experience level of the development team are also crucial factors. If you hire Angular development company with a larger, more seasoned team of Angular developers, it might accelerate the process compared to having a smaller or novice team.

While it's challenging to generalize, a simple Angular app might be completed in a few weeks, while a complex enterprise solution could span several months.

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