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Web Program Development to Streamline Logistics Operations in the Construction Industry

Case Study
Our client is a company providing insulation and a wide range of related building services, including installation, replacement, and repair of insulation. The company serves both residential and commercial customers, working on projects such as new construction, remodeling, and renovation.


Our client faced several challenges in managing their business processes, in particular, needed to optimize some aspects of logistics operations. They had to manage a complex process, starting from truck loading and staffing to support their orders fulfillment to planning delivery routes considering factors such as distance, traffic conditions, and delivery schedules.

Thus, the client needed a logistics and operations management software development solution to streamline their performance and control of all the processes.


The client decided to develop a management system to control each step in their logistics operations from truck staffing to route planning and delivery.

This involved changing the order management process and implementing crew and truck logistics, resulting in enhanced efficiency of overall operations.

In the scope of the solution, DevCom performed the next tasks:

  • Modernized the technologies previously used by the company from Java&Flex to Java&Angular
  • Made a significant improvement of the security approach by transitioning from the Kerberos to SAML
  • Enhanced the system with additional logic to help the client with their logistics management.


  • Logistics and Operations Management Software Development 1Automatic delivery trip creation – system includes a feature to automatically generate delivery trips for cases when materials need to be delivered ahead of time.
  • Logistics and Operations Management Software Development 2Material pickup trip – the system incorporates a pickup trip functionality to handle the retrieval of unused materials from the work order.
  • Logistics and Operations Management Software Development 3Load and pack factor calculation – to efficiently load a truck with the material to be delivered the system takes into account the load and pack factor per item to calculate the number of deliveries that can be dispatched to a truck capacity. This process makes it easier for the installers to arrive directly at a job site instead of the warehouse to eliminate unnecessary drive time.


Provided solutions allowed to streamline the performance and control of each step of the logistics processes – from truck loading, staffing (according to the orders) to route planning and delivery.

Our logistics management software solution development allowed the client to manage their orders more efficiently and reduced the delivery time, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Technologies used

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