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As a partner to our clients, we create a new future, and deliver it in the
right way, at the right time. We bring strategy and product design,
combined with digital engineering excellence.
Always inventing. Always delivering.

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We believe that creating outstanding IT solutions involves blending years of experience gained from working on a variety of software development projects across different industries. We enable you to be a leader in the fast-changing economy and offer best in class methods in agile product design and development that meet your business goals quickly and steadily.
We develop the best possible IT solution with you and for you!

Quick start

Have a wonderful idea?

Discover how easy it is to start your software development project with DevCom.




You send the inquiry, and make a call. We follow up with you to conduct an initial interview. The one and the only way to create an outstanding product is to understand your idea from every angle. If requested, we can negotiate an NDA.



Client onboarding

We focus on understanding your business requirements to execute a business analysis and to give you a solution that will guide you on your way from concept to product, ready for the market. We refine project scopes and create a working timeline.




We produce a detailed agreement outlining our proposed solution with overall terms, prices, and time frames. The experienced DevCom team is always ready to assist you and offer suggestions at this stage.



Evolving the product

We make a complete project development roadmap and set up a project management process to give you control over the process and to regularly track progress. DevCom makes this as easy as can be. Get started today!

Development stages

We put a lot of emphasis on five, short pre-defined critical phases of the development
lifecycle, with each cycle resulting in the delivery of potentially shippable functionality.

Discovery &
Our discovery and design phase is an intensive session where we work with your team to set product goals, prioritize product features, produce wireframes and mockups, and create an interactive prototype.
Development & Implementation
We deliver value constantly and present you with working demos in sprints, where user stories are in place and the team rallies around the sprint goals to deliver them on time and within budget. Each sprint results in delivering a tested and usable piece of software.
Deployment & Testing
Our deployment stage requires DevOps best practices - the creation of development, testing, staging and deployment to AWS or Azure. The next objective is to clear out all remaining bugs and ensure that the product is working properly on all the right devices.
We use a checklist that we’ve created specifically for a seamless and transparent software delivery process and tick all the boxes to make sure everything required for the project release is done.
Support & Maintenance
We keep it up to date for years to come, make your business stay competitive and help you keep up with the fast-changing business landscape.


We believe that creating outstanding IT solutions involves the blending of years of experience
gained from working on a variety of software development projects across different industries.

After years of experience with software development, DevCom has adopted industry standard Agile and Waterfall methodologies for delivering anything from a minimal viable product to a full-scale enterprise system.
Agile methodologies represent an iterative development model in which small, cross-functional teams work on your project from beginning to end. The overall effort is broken into multiple releases to achieve the goals outlined for a particular phase. It reduces project risks and works to control time-to-market and budget.
The waterfall approach is a good option for relatively small projects when requirements are well enough defined before the start of the project.

Agile Waterfall
Contract Options

We, at DevCom, are flexible towards your business processes and requirements. If the

contract options below don’t fit what you’re looking for, you can suggest your own.

icon Fixed Price Contract

Fits well with customers requiring standard architecture with detailed software specifications.

The contract saves your money by specifying optimal requirements from the start.

icon Time & Material Contract

Provides flexibility for clients with dynamic tasks and ongoing projects requiring experienced developers for as long as needed.

icon Dedicated Developer Contract
Allows clients to secure selected professionals to join their busy team for an extended period of time while saving time and resources.

Let’s discuss your project idea

In case you don't know where to start your project, you can get in touch with our Business Consultant.

We'll set up a quick call to discuss how to make your project work.