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Case Study
The platform operates a program that allows members to share their medical expenses, making it easier to manage healthcare costs, including collecting funds from members and distributing payments to healthcare providers.

Client & product

This nonprofit healthcare organization creates and manages top-performing medical expense cost-sharing programs and, thus, serves as a vital link between social groups, banks, physicians, and patients, ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations. It leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud hosting solutions to reduce expenses, enhance agility, and foster rapid innovation.


The organization faced a significant challenge due to its rapid growth, particularly in terms of infrastructure and scalability. The company had to develop a secure and resilient system capable of handling high volumes of automated processes to address this. It was critical to have a fully reliable application and a safe HIPAA-compliant cloud hosting environment available round the clock.


  • Healthcare Sharing Cloud Platform Development 1Effectively and securely
    onboard an increasing number
    of new users
  • Healthcare Sharing Cloud Platform Development 2Ensure seamless system
    operation even during
    periods of high demand
  • Healthcare Sharing Cloud Platform Development 3Provide users with
    continuous, round-the-clock
    access to the system
  • Healthcare Sharing Cloud Platform Development 4Adhere to HIPAA
    compliance standards


AWS provides several services, features, and documentation to assist organizations in achieving HIPAA compliance when hosting healthcare-related applications and data on their platform. By utilizing Amazon Web Services, the client effectively harnessed the power of cloud technology to enhance online security significantly, eliminate downtime, and minimize the time and effort required to maintain their systems. This approach optimized operations and facilitated the efficient utilization of existing infrastructure.


The client recognized that having a secure cloud-based infrastructure in AWS is an invaluable asset for meeting the specific requirements of the healthcare industry.

AWS offers a secure environment that meets the requirements to achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance and a suite of user-friendly and adaptable tools for efficiently managing increasing volumes of data, including high-performance computing, archiving, and storage solutions.

A combination of the AWS capabilities and the expertise of DevCom’s software architects and certified DevOps engineers resulted in a customized solution that empowers healthcare organizations to store, process, transmit, and analyze information securely. This comprehensive solution not only aids in cost reduction but also enhances agility and facilitates faster innovation within the healthcare sector.


  • 99.99% uptime in the cloud.
  • HIPAA-eligible services, which meet the required security standards for handling protected health information (PHI).
  • Easier to maintain a secure and HIPAA compliant environment
  • Adaptable for configuring high-load scenarios
  • 13% higher satisfaction.
  • AWS business support.

Technologies used

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