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Case Study
This case study outlines that DevCom successfully addressed the challenge of developing a secure and user-friendly online medication refill system. By optimizing their website and implementing an SEO strategy, our client now operates a scalable business that offers streamlined prescription refills, ensuring continued growth and accessibility for their users.

Client & product

  • The Client: Startup, family-run business
  • Industries: Healthcare
  • Client Location: USA
  • Project Length: Apr. 2023 – Ongoing
  • Challenge: Build a secure and robust portal for ordering medication refills
  • Services & Tech: Framer, Jotform


Our client operates an online medication refill service that aids individuals in managing stable and chronic conditions by offering an affordable means of obtaining prescription refills. These conditions encompass a wide range, from allergies and anxiety to arthritis, COPD, depression, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, hypothyroidism, and migraine headaches. DevCom was entrusted with developing a secure and efficient web-based system for users to request prescription refills.


Our primary objective was to build a user-friendly website with a telemedicine function. DevCom designed and implemented a user interface (UI) for streamlined data intake. This UI guides users through specific questions and steps, covering screening queries, medication details, pharmacy preferences, payment information, and more. Furthermore, users no longer require appointments with medical providers, enhancing the overall accessibility and ease of the platform. We’ve simplified the online refill process, making it swift and cost-effective. Users can complete the online request form in under 5 minutes. Once verified, certified doctors promptly send prescriptions to the pharmacy of the user’s choice, all within the same day.

Another crucial aspect was optimizing the website for search engines (SEO). Our SEO experts executed a comprehensive strategy, which encompassed a competitive analysis, a meticulous technical site audit, and the development of an effective link-building plan. These efforts boosted the client’s website visibility, resulting in increased traffic and enhanced conversion opportunities.

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As a result of our efforts, the client has now successfully obtained a well-optimized website, complete with a Prescription Refill form that operates seamlessly and efficiently. Additionally, the client was provided with further comprehensive guidance for implementing effective link-building strategies.

In perspective, our client’s business has the potential for scalable expansion onto a larger platform. This step will facilitate catering to the unique needs of more service users, ensuring continued growth and success.

Technologies used

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