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Implementation of the Inventory Management System for improved operational efficiency

Case Study
Our client is a company providing quality and professional installation services for different types of flooring – carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile and marble, and vinyl.


The company uses carpet padding extensively for its floor installation works and stores it in its own warehouses. Thus they need to take care of storage and shelving, inventory management, and inspection.To perform those tasks effectively, the company needs inventory management systems software development services to track its inventory to understand how many items are in stock and how many they might need based on upcoming orders.

Due to the gaps in the stock tracking process and unforeseen demand spikes, the client faced delays in fulfilling some of their orders, thus losing revenue.


The company decided to implement a system to help cover and optimize its inventory management processes. DevCom provided custom inventory management software development services to develop an application that enabled a client to streamline the inventory purchasing and stock tracking routine to make sure they have enough padding to fulfill current and upcoming orders and not store excessive amounts of padding to prevent its expiration.


  • Creating purchase orders to replenish supplies and track incoming stock
  • Possibility to adjust stock quantities
  • Integration with EDI (Electronic data interchange) to support document flow
  • Integration with inhouse system to track outgoing stock 
  • Implementation of algorithms for better stock planning and forecasting 
  • Notifications – emails and integration with Microsoft teams


The company now has a reliable solution enabling them to see the current amount of items in the warehouse, track incoming and outgoing stock, and have better planning and forecasting to make informed decisions regarding purchasing and resource allocation.

Technologies used

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