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Case Study
The Emergency Medical Application is the flagship solution of our client that is tremendously successful among US healthcare vendors. This sophisticated software reduces inventory waste, human error and, above all, costs. Furthermore, many of the satisfied end-users claim that the software saves them tens of thousands of dollars and makes them competitive in the dynamic US economy.

The solution allows end-users to quickly manage parts, create and change supply requests, and send information about an ambulance. At the same time, the administrators have the ability to see an exact location of assets that are tagged with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) enabled tag or seal. The RFID system quickly scans inventory and assets in ambulances. It controls where the items are located when they expire and what supplies should be ordered and renewed.

Emergency Medical Application screen

Moreover, the paramedics can issue tickets immediately from the ambulance to the back office. It helps quickly react and solve issues, as office instantly gets the information and prepares all repair tools or working assets till the ambulance arrives. Finally, the best part of the whole system was a truly extendable development platform that reflects an innovative and cost-effective business model of our client. The platform allows our client to tailor the application for the particular needs of every end-user.


Emergency Medical Application Development 1Outstanding asset management capabilities
Emergency Medical Application Development 2Eliminating User Errors
Emergency Medical Application Development 3RFID Tracking

Emergency Medical Application Development 4Offline Mode
Emergency Medical Application Development 5Development platform for expansion
Emergency Medical Application Development 6Reporting and Accountability

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