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Posted on January 18, 2019

The business success of any company depends on the right communications. Skilled entrepreneurs realize it and use all the available channels to get to their customers. One of the new and trendy channels are chatbots. So what’s a chatbot and why do you need one? Hang on, and we’ll tell you why.

A chatbot is a software algorithm that imitates a human conversation. An algorithm can be written from scratch but we, here at DevCom, are not digital cavemen. We’re using ready-made frameworks from Facebook, Microsoft, API.AI, and Aspect. The choice of a particular framework depends on your needs and wants as a customer.

All in all, you shouldn’t worry about technical difficulties. All that we need from you is to know your business, and how chatbots fit into it. Take a look at the image below with all the successful types of chatbots. E-commerce, food, content, banking, workflow, charts and even IoT. Pick one and think through which channels and on which gadgets you can use it. Create a concept!


Above all, think of the advantages a well-organized chatbot can bring to your business. Can’t think of any? Here’s some:


Your productivity will rocket sky high with a perfect employee like a chatbot. For a starter, the chatbot needs no vacations and no weekends. You have a non-stop 24-hours customer service machine. Moreover, the employee expects no salary raises or bonuses. There’s no careerism involved and no competitors that will lure your employee away. Finally, you have an emotionless worker, who doesn’t know what’s ambitions and personal crisis. You will never ever have to motivate this employee or settle for less than a job well done.

It may sound like chatbots are perfect golems with no expiration date. However, any software solution can glitch. All you need is a proper 24/7 support service but, preferably, not a chatbot support service. ?


Whether you’re ready for a custom chatbot from a software developer, depends on your budget and requirements. Involvement of a custom software development company can be unnecessary if your chatbot requirements are not high and your budget doesn’t reach a 1000$. In this case, your best choice will be a self-service platform. Chatbot platforms charge only a monthly fee of up to 30$ for an out-of-the-box chatbot of your choice. But, hey, you won’t find a humanoid on this planet who will work for this kind of money. Oh, and in case you need a detailed chatbot price list, follow the link to a blog post from VentureBeat.

Image of a High Tech Innovator

Chatbots are the new hot topic. Having one is a must if you want to maintain an image of a high tech innovator. Moreover, in the field of IT, you have to maintain the aura of being at the forefront of everything. The only way to get the innovators on your side is being one yourself.

In addition, when you finally get a chatbot, don’t relax. Innovate even more! Make it a machine learning bot, for example with LUIS by Microsoft. Then, maybe, give it a voice with Cortana. There’s always a way of being even more cutting-edge. If it’s what you’re looking for, of course.

Better User Experience

First of all, chatbots use a familiar conversational channel: messenger apps. Most users won’t have to leave their preferred communication environment to look for proper chatbot support.

Moreover, customers expect to resolve their issues with as little help as possible. Chatbots can meet these expectations as another conversational self-service option that promptly attends to customer needs. In addition, users expect an immediate response. Here, the advantage of chatbots over people is too obvious not to see.

Finally, clients often want a kind of personalization that your typical employee may not provide. When it comes to data search speed and accuracy, chatbots have the upper hand.

At the end of the day, creating a concept of your chatbot is still up to you. Oh, and don’t forget to have fun in the process. Take care!

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