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Posted on April 8, 2021

Knowledge might be power, but it’s much more powerful when it’s shared! 

Numerous experts among our team are ready to share their knowledge and experience for your professional development.


This spring, we became a partner for the Career Forum of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. We also were involved in “IT week at Lviv University“, which became part of the international event “IT week”. It was a 5-day lasted online event, where the university students had a great opportunity to communicate and get valuable advice from representatives of leading IT companies in our city. 

During this IT Week, students were able to know about the opportunities tech companies are offering to young specialists and choose the career that suits them best.⁠


On behalf of DevCom, one of our tech experts, – Svyatoslav Lavryk, was the speaker of the event.

VP of Software Development at DevCom


As part of IT Week, he prepared a report for students, including the following topics:


Fractals as an example of a recursive structure in geometry.

Their construction using Python and the Turtle module.

An easy way to describe some fractals using L-systems.


DevCom team does not doubt that students will use the information and advice they received at the IT week.

We will continue to encourage our talented engineers and developers to share their experiences and achievements with the world.


Some students visited our main office to get acquainted with our company from the inside, we made a quiz for them and the winners received their gifts.

Students at DevCom


About DevCom

DevCom is a full-service software development company based in Lviv, Ukraine. DevCom offices are located in Florida, USA.

Main areas of expertise: Software and application development for ISVs and companies of all sizes, from small businesses to international groups.

The company provides a full range of IT consulting services, from the development of a product idea to its final implementation. He specializes in the areas of Cloud / DevOps, Web / Mobile / Desktop, SaaS, BI / Analytics and UI / UX, with a focus on five main market segments – healthcare, logistics, fintech, retail and non-profit organizations.

Read more about the IT company DevCom here.

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