Client Background

The client provides asset management software for Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers and Fire Departments. The company serves hundreds of medical and public safety vendors across 42 states and 4 countries. DevCom’s client continues to be on the forefront of the digital transformation movement in the sphere of public safety.

Business Challenge

The company wanted to sell primarily to medical services, fire departments, and other public safety organizations. These organizations encountered issues that extended from an inability to track necessary resources to a lack of appropriate asset management systems. Moreover, medical services and fire departments lost resources, and therefore money, due to expiration and elementary human errors. Finally, most of the available asset management software depended on an Internet connection that was oftentimes critical when saving lives.

Offered Solution

The client tasked DevCom with creating a better asset management solution. So, in turn, DevCom designed a solution that met the following criteria:

features of asset management software


The project’s truly extendable development platform reflected the innovative and cost-effective business model of our client. In addition, the platform allowed DevCom to develop a Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) capability. This technology allows the tracking of an exact asset location, greatly improving logistics, inventory management, and accountability.

Value Delivered

The asset management software became the flagship solution of our client and an instant success among US public safety vendors. This sophisticated software reduced inventory waste, human error and, above all, costs. Furthermore, many satisfied end-users report that the software saved them tens of thousands of dollars and made them competitive in the dynamic US economy.

Lastly, medical and fire department workers recognized the solution for its exceptional asset management capabilities. Using the solution, they are able to streamline their procurement logistics without the need for expensive IT infrastructure or additional employees. In addition, the asset management solution reduces paperwork, bringing the public safety organizations into the digital world.

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