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Posted on January 23, 2019

In this day and age, there are lots of AI Bots that can interact with both people and machines. However, quality assurance and control is not a simple type of interaction. Professionals know this. There is more to testing than one can think:

? Testers have an understanding of the business domain, a set of heuristics for exposing defects;

? They can put themselves in the shoes of both the best and the clumsiest software user;

? They pay special attention to the client’s needs and have an intricate understanding of the solution purpose. They do this by analyzing how software is used and in what ways can it go wrong.

AI bots cannot do this type of sophisticated testing, and no machine learning will help them, or will it?

In any case, Appdiff, one of the pioneers in AI-assisted mobile testing, decided to prove everybody wrong. Appdiff taught its machine learning algorithms how to know if the result of a given activity was likely to uncover a deformity. They figured out how to know with a high level of certainty when action and result appeared to deviate from expectations.

Staying Ahead of the AI Bots

Jason Arbon, CEO, and founder of the Appdiff company says Appdiff tests about 90 % of the surface area of a typical mobile application. How does that compare to human testers? It is rare, he said, that companies with human testers test as much as 90 % of the surface area of a mobile application. And as for the last 10 %, it’s either too costly or too complex for most companies to invest in testing it. Moreover, there are very few testers who can interact with an application quickly and deeply enough to reach that last 10 %. So, even when companies have the interest in reaching the last 10 % of the application’s use cases or functionality, what is the likelihood they have someone available with the skillset to do it?


Starting to worry? Arbon, who also penned the book How Google Tests Software, says testing is harder than writing software. “You have to be smarter than the programmer to find problems in the code.”

A tester will love the sound of these words. A developer will be skeptical, to say the least. Jason predicts that “writing software is a field Machine Learning will conquer before it will conquer testing.”

Remaining in Front of the Bots

Regardless of whether software development testing will be taken over by AI bots, the future of quality control and assurance remains unclear. By what means will testing as a profession adjust? What does this profession have to do to remain in front of the machine expectation to absorb information? By what means will testers keep on reducing hazard for their organizations during a time where vulnerability is sure to multiply?

I can’t let you know whether AI bots will assume control over your testing work. What I can tell you is that if you are a tester then your employment is going to change significantly in the near future.


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