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Case Study
eCourses is a digital library for sharing educational materials with an ability to test students online. It is a great platform allowing universities and other educational institutions to store information on the cloud and to optimize educational processes.


DevCom has developed an educational platform allowing users to create and subscribe to courses based on different educational topics. On the one hand, the platform may be used by students to train and test themselves. On the other hand, it allows teachers to create courses and tests based on the information described during their lectures.

The main menu has a wonderful search tool enabling both teachers and students to browse through the whole database of the available lectures. Moreover, the lectures can be written in a rich text editor allowing to add videos, flash content, images, iframes, math formulas, tables and much more. Finally, the courses can have limited accessibility restricted to certain periods of time or a certain number of sessions.


1. Smart Database Search

2. Teacher & Student Accounts for Tracking and Lecture

3. Personalization

4. Sophisticated Tests

5. Q&A Sessions

6. Easy-to-use HTML

Technologies used

  • Tech 1
  • Tech 1
  • Tech 1
  • Tech 1
  • Tech 1

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