Soccer Training App

Soccer Training is an application for young soccer players to train and motivate themselves for competitions and tournaments. Once the player is logged in, he or she will have access to 15+ individual training programs from the Technical, Tactical, Physical, Psychosocial, and Lifestyle departments. Each department will have an interactive, motivating format of interesting videos, audio files, tables, curriculum, rewards and competitions.

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Exercising earns each user points that then may be exchanged to unlock competitors. After unlocking all the players, the user is able to compete against them in Tournaments: Simple, Local, State, Premiere League, and the World Cup. Further, users may compete against their teammates, motivating success as professional soccer players.
Project Soccer Training App

Photo Sharing App

The Photo Sharing application is a native iOS application designed to allow users to take snapshots with a comment and send these photos to multiple selected platforms at the same time, including storage locations, blogs, and social media websites. This app helps users promote their work on multiple social media platforms in real time, keeping followers engaged.

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– takes a picture/video while not exiting the application

– switches front/rear camera view

– sets the flash to on/off/auto

– configures settings by using the pop up browser inside the application to authorize social media profile


– uses device’s library

– is able to write text/comment

– may select multiple social media networks

– delivers photo/video/text to multiple social networks simultaneously.

Tools and Technologies:

IOS7, Objective – C, XCode5

Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+, WordPress, FTP, Email, Dropbox, OneDrive

Project Photo Sharing App

Comics Converter

The Converter Tool is software that converts comic pages to an EPUB format, with the added ability to read panel-by-panel or box-by-box. Part of the project includes updating with iOS and Android apps: by upgrading the reader of iOS and Android apps, Comics Converter will be able to recognize panels from an EPUB file, view comics panel-by-panel or page-by-page, and support landscape mode.

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– Upload Image and Recognize panels

– Panels Editing

– Epub Generation.


ASP .Net MVC, Entity Framework, jQuery, Bootstrap, Interact js, Sharp Epub;

Project Comics Converter


This application is designed to help on-the-go users acquire the most current data available. It is composed of libraries, patterns and technical expertise, enabling the rapid construction of tailored platforms for specific businesses. Traminer gives access to all required data, online or offline.

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In addition, the mobile application grants access to tools on the user’s device, such as camera, GPS, user contacts, and notifications. A mobile offline solution enables users to take and store pictures, access contact information, and acquire geographically targeted information.


– Mobile: accessible distribution of information in real-time

– Offline First: zero latency and increased performance of mobile employees

– Big Data: handles up to 1M real-time records on your devices

– Easy Sync: always-responsive with background sync and no downtime

Project Traminer

Driving Tours Mobile Cross­Platform

This cross-platform application allows users to browse various historical and heritage “tours”. These driving tours permit the user to install the application on a mobile device and use it as a guide on vehicular journeys. In online mode, the app provides Internet links to photos and videos connected to the POI, as well as YouTube video access.

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The system runs locally based on the data stored in SQLite DB. The app also works in offline mode by communicating with and pulling data from the device’s GPS. When the user drives closer to POI, the app informs a user by a signal. If the user turns off a notification signal, it will not be repeated until the new POI is reached. The application offers a standard list of tours, available for review after the application is downloaded.


– List of Tours

– List of Points of Interest

– Maps (Images)

– Connection between POI and Tours

– Communication with Device’s GPS

– Audio and Video Streaming

Tools and Technologies:

iOS7, Android (v4.1) +,, SQLite, XML/REST API

Project Driving Tours Mobile Cross­Platform

EMS Inventory Tracking App

Inventory Management tools provide fire departments, ambulance services, emergency medical services agencies, and hospitals accountability for inventory as it flows into supply rooms and out to vehicles and stations. EMS Technology Solutions is able to test its web-based inventory management and asset management software in real-time situations and continually monitor for new applications that meet customer’s needs.

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– Scalable Management Features

– Accountability

– User Error Eliminated

– Track Expiration Dates

– In time Ordering

– Purchase Orders

– Management and Exception Reporting

– Integrated Asset Management and Vehicle/ Station Maintenance Inspection Forms

– Track Fixed and Mobile Assets

– Preventative Maintenance Schedules

– Check In – Check Out Equipment

– Automated real time assets tracking via RFID labels

– Scalable to Manage all Assets

– Record Keeping

– User Interface

– Maintenance Forms

– Maintenance Schedules

– Performing Maintenance

– Check Sheet Integration

Tools and Technologies:

Application Server: IIS 6.0

Programming Languages:

Classic ASP, C#

Project EMS Inventory Tracking App

Mobile Dating App

Mobile dating is a huge social network mobile application and Data Web Service. It has been developed with many unique features such as personality analysis and account creation using Facebook and other social media platforms.

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The Mobile Dating application was created using native IOS and Android development platforms. The web service uses JSON as data protocol. In general, the application communicates with a REST server via HTTP.


– Login with Facebook

– Search with custom filters

– Swipe to Like/Ignore

– Distance to users

– Chat

– Questions and Answers

– Answer Exchange (Private answers)

Tools & Technologies: ​

Swift, JAVA, PHP, Facebook SDK, MySQL


​Development and Improvement of Android version of the Dating Application.

Project Mobile Dating App

ERP system, mobile version

This application simplifies the flow of information between all business functions within the boundaries of the organization; it is primarily targeted for on-the-go use. It was developed for both IOS and Android and functions on smartphones and tablets.

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– View Orders, Visits and Notifications

– Items pricing inquiry

– Add Leads

– Enter Quotes

– Sales Management Charts

– Maps

Map shows location of:

– Sсheduled Visits

– Orders

– Leads

– Quotes

– Current Trucks positions

Tools and Technologies:

Flex, LiveCycle DS, Google Maps API, Oracle, MS SQL Server

Project ERP system, mobile version