In honor of the holiday weekend, in all its forms and shapes, we’ve got a post for you about Easter eggs! Not the chocolate kind – although you can send those to the DevCom sales & marketing team if you’re feeling generous – but of the cleverly hidden treats embedded in Google products.
So, if you’re bored, stressed out or trying to kill some time, here’s 5 Easter eggs that will do the job. All games, by the way.

1. Zerg Rush in Google Search

The Google developers have once again proven that their imagination is outstanding and hid a game as an Easter egg. If you enter the words Zerg Rush in Google Search, O-shaped villains will start attacking your Google results. Use the mouse to shoot them down. This game is a homage to the classic StarCraft game. Pure fun.

2. T-Rex Jumper in offline Google Chrome

We all know that when your Internet connection is dead, it’s like ending up in a Flintstones cartoon but the nice people at Chrome put in a little goody in a browser update to lower your blood pressure when the Internet is acting up.
If you hit the space bar, it will launch the T-Rex icon used on their ‘This web page is not available’ sign. In this key-smashing game, you simply have to guide the dino over the cactuses. When you get more than 500 points, they make it interesting with added pterodactyls to dodge.

T-Rex Jumper

3. Flappy Droid on Lollipop Android

This one is well known. Still, entertaining and worth a mention. Every Android version is named after a tasty treat, including Jelly Bean, KitKat, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, and, the latest one, Lollipop. They all have a wonderful Easter egg, accessed by entering Settings – About Phone (or Tablet) and then repeatedly clicking on the Version tab until the magic happens. The Lollipop game is a little bit tricky but the nice animation and a ‘don’t-you-dare-to-fall’ game mechanics will make you lose your boredom in a hurry.

flappy droid

4. Atari Breakout in Google Images

This one is an old-school game called Atari Breakout. If you ever find yourself at a loss on Google’s Image search, type ‘atari breakout’ into the search box. If you don’t remember what Atari Breakout is, no spoilers for this classic addictive game. Only one thing: good luck with your productivity at work.


5. Pac-Man in Google Search

What’s a good retro gaming session without some Pac-Man? Head over to Google Search, and just type “google pacman”—this Easter Egg was originally a Google Doodle from 2010, but a playable version will still launch with that search command.

google pacman

Hope you like the games. Have fun and happy Easter!