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Posted on September 23, 2022

Today’s fast-moving businesses are choosing Workflow Automation to become faster, more adaptable, and create capacity for innovation within their organizations. That’s why DevCom is pleased to announce we are teaming up with Workato to deliver industry-leading workflow automation technology.

As a Service Partner, DevCom aligns with Workato, the leading and fastest-growing integration-led automation platform.

As a leader in enterprise-grade automation, Workato helps global enterprises achieve end-to-end digital transformation through intelligent integrations and business automation. Its cloud-native scalable platform offers four different types of automations, and its patented technology enables automation deployment 10-times faster than conventional platforms.

Workato offers enterprise integration platform to automate tasks across on-premises, cloud applications and databases with no coding. This is achieved through Workato’s low-code, no-code approach, as well as pre-built connectors for 1000+ SaaS, ERP, and more applications and platforms. Workato helps you automate business workflows across cloud and on-premises apps.

Workato combines an enterprise-grade workflow automation platform with the ease of use expected from consumer apps, enabling both business and IT users to quickly build workflow automations.

At DevCom, we are committed to helping global enterprises transform for the future at scale and speed through agile digital interventions led by cutting-edge technologies. As part of our close strategic partnership with Workato, we have been implementing greenfield projects as well as extensive programs that involve scaling the integration team as a managed service, for businesses of all sizes and across all verticals.

Our Workato capabilities are backed by our integration practice that is built on over 2-decades of experience driving transformation for USA and Europe customers along with our strategic partners.

Together with Workato, we can help you efficiently manage a large, complex, and cross-enterprise automation program on a scalable and secure platform.

To learn more about how we can help accelerate your digital transformation, contact us.

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