Clutch names DevCom a Top IT Outsourcing Company in its recent report on software development companies worldwide:

Clutch is a leading research company providing insight into the world of IT. For years, they have managed to provide software companies with outstanding insight into IT Outsourcing. Furthermore, the latest report is not an exception but rather a culmination of 5 years analyzing the industry.

We’re happy to be a part of such a competitive ranking based on Clutch’s own research methodology. Clutch successfully includes a number of quantitative and qualitative factors into the research, like client interviews and experience. Moreover, its comprehensive approach gives buyers a more realistic understanding of what the listed lT companies are capable of.

IT Outsourcing metric

Finally, Clutch is a wonderful platform for valuable feedback. The DevCom Team is proud to have so many great client reviews on our Clutch profile. It just goes to show how hard work pays off and drives true success. All in all, one delightful review from our client on Clutch says it all:


DevCom is praised for their collaborative approach to project management and the strong, personal connection they brought to the project.

Yossi Goldlust, Founder & CEO @

Thanks, Clutch, for the opportunity to really connect with our clients!

About Clutch

Clutch is an innovative research company that focuses on IT. In short, they deliver customer intelligence to connect buyers with providers.

About DevCom

Established in 2000, DevCom is a reliable software development partner for clients worldwide. We understand what clients value in our services. Therefore, our custom software development is based on the latest software technologies together with some solid quality assurance. Moreover, DevCom is a truly customer-centric company putting customer satisfaction in front of it all. 

Finally, DevCom is a know-it-all company using all the available software languages ranging from Java, JavaScript, PHP to C#, C++ and Objective C.
Written by Oleh Romanyuk, Marketing Manager @ DevCom

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