Agile Advantages for Software Development and Your Business

Agile Overview

Traditional software development approaches appeared to many software developers to be too rigid and resulting in over-budgeting and delays. In February 2001, leading software engineers met in Snowbird, Utah to discuss an alternative and lightweight approach to software development.

The leading developers issued a symbolic Manifesto for Agile Software Development that consisted of three main principles:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

Following these Agile principles, developers use short, regular and controllable iterations of work called Sprints. In one short Sprint (2-4 weeks), a full development cycle is performed. It includes analysis, design, coding, testing and product release. Moreover, developers release a working software solution at the end of each Sprint. Finally, every next Sprint is an extension to the already working software solution that brings developers closer to a final version.

agile advantages

Agile Advantages

  • The methodology decreases the risk of over-budgeting and spending extra money on eliminating bugs. Every project developed with Agile brings a potential budget reduction.
  • An Agile-oriented development team creates a working version of the solution every 2-4 weeks. This way, developers are able to provide the final bug-free software solution to a client much faster.
  • More projects are successful because a development plan can be changed in the middle of a sprint.  The sooner both a customer and a developer understand the need for changes, the sooner they will be able to apply them.
  • The best Agile advantage is an early Return On Investments (ROI). In short, a solution can be ready for a commercial use after 2-3 Sprints.

Keep in mind. DevCom has adopted Agile methodologies designed to create lean, timely and effective solutions that achieve our client’s goals. In case you have a project that requires Agile software development, Share it with Us.