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Posted on March 11, 2021

Formerly known as SSM, the AWS Systems Manager has been growing more and more in demand thanks to Covid-19’s impact on the market. For those who aren’t familiar with AWS, it’s a cloud infrastructure and a part of’s, the e-commerce titan, web services division. The system has a lot of perks, not just for those who venture into e-commerce. Unfortunately, not a lot of people see its significance.

Here at DevCom, we are known for our full-cycle software developments, but we also provide other services including AWS Systems transition. Since 2000, our company has worked with clients from all over the world, not just from Ukraine. 

Perhaps, this review from our client can help you realize AWS Systems’ benefits; it’s a first-hand experience story from a client who recently engaged us to help them transition to AWS Systems.

Earlier last month, our company received another five-star review on Clutch. The project started in February 2020, and it’s still ongoing.

For more context, Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform based in Washington, DC. The website is widely recognized and respected within the B2B industry for its dedication to connecting small, mid-sized, and large companies with creditable service providers.

Going back, the Platform Engineer of GBS Enterprises was personally interviewed by a Clutch analyst for this review. The client initially wanted to centralize their development process and deployments on AWS. 


DevCom Client Reviews on


So far, the engagement is going splendidly. We’re able to provide them helpful feedback and advice that helps them manage their cost structure.

DevCom Quote

“They listen and understand what we want to do but also actively seek the best solution to bring to the table. Their initiative and drive are refreshing. When they see an opportunity, they’re not afraid to tell us. Their team’s working in our best interest. They’re constantly optimizing and enhancing the environment for us. We really like working with DevCom because their team’s proactive and responsive.” — Platform Engineer, GBS Enterprises.


We would like to thank our client for this review. We know that it will be helpful for those who want to learn more about AWS Systems and our services.


Other Service Focus

As mentioned, we also offer other services around the IT and development space. The DevCom team is internationally known for its incredible AngularJS development works. Our works have been praised by critics and have been recognized by industry leaders.

With that said, we are proud to have been recognized by The Manifest, Clutch’s sister site, for our quality of work. According to their March 2021 list, DevCom ranks third among the global top 100 AngularJS developers.


DevCom on The Manifest


It’s an honor to be acknowledged for our work. As service providers ourselves, we treasure each review and recognition we receive; we know that these bring more opportunities for us.

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