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Case Study
The e-commerce platform is a worldwide marketplace for meat products such as pork, beef, and poultry. The main point of it is to simplify wholesale purchases and sales of meat products around the world. Additionally, the platform allows secure and easy financial transactions that all connect to the same CRM system.

Finally, every user can work with documents and sales statistics within the platform, or just simply export them. The e-commerce solution is a real time saver.


The e-commerce solution is both an outstanding selling and an outstanding buying point. For sellers, the platform offers instant access to thousands of users and makes it really easy to sell. Moreover, sellers get to see the demand on their products and, henceforth, get the best price for it. As for the buyers, they get access to suppliers from all over the world, and they are able to get the best bargain using the sophisticated matching machine.

In addition, the platform simplifies the sales process with its trading system for both sellers and buyers. To help a user, the e-commerce solution, also, provides wonderful analytics for market trends and personal/company statistics. Last but not least, both sellers and buyers can rest assured that the data and transaction safety is a key priority of the solution.


wholesale ecommerce screen


Wholesale E-Commerce Platform 1Worldwide marketplace
Wholesale E-Commerce Platform 2Convenient personal account
Wholesale E-Commerce Platform 3Easy-to-use sell-point
Wholesale E-Commerce Platform 4CRM

Wholesale E-Commerce Platform 5Security of data & transactions
Wholesale E-Commerce Platform 6Market trends & personal stats
Wholesale E-Commerce Platform 7Documentation editor

Technologies used

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