Reliable, money-saving solution for automating
service appointment confirmations


Appointment Reminder automates service appointment confirmations quickly and easily.
The goal is to automatically confirm the service before physically calling the customer, thereby reducing the need for manual verifications.
It’s a practical solution enabling automatic service appointment confirmations via various communication channels.
Our solution automates service appointment confirmations and reduces the need for manual verifications.

To do so, we use:


(Outbound with link to confirm or reject appointment)

2-way SMS

(Allowing customer to answer Yes or No)

outbound robo-calls

(2-way with option to answer by pressing 1 or 2 or saying Yes or No)

How it Works


The system attempts a series of automated confirmations using certain communication channels according to the client's responsiveness.


The client receives an automated phone call with the option to accept or decline an appointment—if no response is received, an email or SMS repeats the confirmation attempt.


If confirmation is received, an appointment time and necessary details are dispatched to a technician via text message. In other cases, operators will call the client with the pertinent information.


Our automated appointment reminder software comes with a range of features, including:

Basic Features

  • Appointment scheduling from client websites
  • Customizable availability preferences; attendee time-zone detection
  • Ability to schedule multiple/group appointments
  • Calendar synchronization
  • Appointment dispatch per employee
  • CRM integration
  • Appointment reminders by e-mail/SMS
  • Analytics


  • Schedule appointments via Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.
  • Provide appointment scheduling page for companies without websites
  • Appointment reminders by robo-call
  • Virtual scheduling
  • Staff login
  • Mobile app
  • Brand-specific customization

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