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Posted on May 20, 2021

DevCom is currently looking for a strong junior or middle React developer in Lviv.

  • ⇒  Location: Lviv, Ukraine.
  • ⇒  Employment Type: Full-time employee (not a contractor).


Project Description

  • ⇒  Country: USA.
  • ⇒  Business fields: Online trade-in pneumatic weapons.
  • ⇒  Project: Online store of one company for the sale of pneumatic weapons. It should be redesigned to Marketplace for many sellers.
  • ⇒  Technologies: Database engine – MySQL; Server-side programming language – Java 8; Web server – Tomcat 8; Application Framework – Apache Tapestry, Spring Framework; Web Framework – Tapestry 5.4, React/React Next; RESTful Web Service – Spring; HTML 5 / CSS 3; Maven; AWS.


Required Skills

  • ⇒ Intermediate or better level of English (written and conversational).
  • Strong  HTML 5 / CSS 3 skills.
  • JavaScript: Functions (functions, classes, arrow functions, context); Objects and data structures; Async (callbacks, promises, async-await); Functional Programming; TypeScript.
  • React: Hooks (state, context, effects, refs); Hocs, render props; Components composition and Context; Refs; State (simple state and redux advanced); React-query.
  • Frameworks: React Next or create-react-app, Docker, Monorepo, MaterialUI as main UI lib.



  • Jest with RTL for testing,
  • Storybook for UI docs,
  • Backend or full-stack developer,
  • MySQL,
  • Java 8,
  • Tomcat 8,
  • Spring Framework,
  • Maven,
  • Apache Tapestry 5.4.


What Do We Offer

  • ⇒  Interesting work as part of the professional team.
  • ⇒  Helpful colleagues and a great work environment.
  • ⇒  Regular performance reviews.
  • ⇒  21 working days – paid vacations.
  • ⇒  Corporate events and team-buildings.
  • ⇒  Corporate football and volleyball teams.
  • ⇒  Compensation for sports activities.
  • ⇒  English classes and other L&D activities like courses and certifications reimbursement.
  • ⇒  Employee referral program.
  • ⇒  Recognition gifts and awards.
  • ⇒  IT club membership.
  • ⇒  Private rooms (not open space).


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DevCom Lviv IT vacancy

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