Slush is one of the largest Tech Startup events in Europe. With a great deal of investors, CEO’s, and tech visionaries participating in the conference, it can be a defining moment for your team. However, without proper preparation you may get lost among 15000 tech-heads visiting the event.

So how to make the most out of Slush?

1. Come prepared. Slush lists all the investors prior to the event, so you can get to know the attendees you wish to meet. Make sure you remember the names and key details about what they do. Slush has an app that allows you to track events happening in the venue at the specific time, and save a list of attendees with basic profile details, if you’re not good with faces.

2. Time is of the essence. Each meeting lasts 15 minutes, so make sure you’re on time to present your pitch and answer questions. The venue is gigantic, so make sure to get yourself familiar with the space ahead of time. And don’t, under any circumstances, loose that map!

3. Pitch perfect. Make sure you can describe your idea in two sentences. Have a quick demo, or a brochure available at all times. Make sure you introduce yourself clearly. The place is very noisy, so there’s a high chance you will be misheard or misunderstood. Keep your pitch nice and short. Remember, if you can’t describe your ideas in one sentence, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

4. Socialize! It’s so easy to get stuck by the booth, or completely occupied by those emails. Slush is filled with exciting tech visionaries, so what’s better place to network than here. Don’t pitch when it’s out of context. You’ll be surprised how far casual chit-chat about the stuff you love may take you. End-off any small talk by giving out your card.

5. Speaking of business cards, be creative. Slush doesn’t like boring. Make it stylish, funny, round, square, silly, see-through, or make it not a card. Get people thinking and smiling – this will give you extra points.

5. Don’t neglect the afterparty. Great parties and a little alcohol lead to exciting friendships 🙂

Good luck!