Last Friday DevCom had a general staff meeting held at ITEA Hub. The event included talks on several topics. Most of them were focused on how to improve the project workflow, how to increase productivity and self-efficiency. Our team had a great opportunity listening to interesting facts about the history of the company and have after-party enjoying time together with treats and coffee.

The event started with a company key facts overview. Our CEO Roman Chapko has told us the history of Devcom and funny moments in company life including cases with curious clients and most interesting projects.

The next speeches were presented by DevCom CTOs, PMs, DevOps and other experienced developers. A great presentation about company positions and the key to career success was presented by CTO Andrew Dovgal.

Our leading Project Managers – Rostyslav Malynych and Victor Voloshin, shared the basic rules and easy tricks about successful communication between client and contractor. DevCom PM and Tech Lead Igor Kruzhylko, described and explained the problem and need of regular meetings between supervisors and employees.

The cutting-edge Data Science ideas were shared by Andrew Bosyi. Igor Pleschuk told us who is DevOps and what it really means and Svyatoslav Lavryk (CEO) prepared an interesting speech convincing everyone, that nowadays the technology does not really matter.

For the finishing touch, our highly-skilled developer Ivan Dulnyavka summed up the evening with a humorous story of how to survive and not go crazy working on ONE company for more than 15 years 🙂


Devcom company meeting1