The rapid growth of tech industry has a significant effect on modern eLearning practices. Furthermore, mobile devices have radically changed the way we consume information and communicate with others. Finally, more and more educational institutions use web and mobile applications to enrich conventional classroom experiences, and some completely convert into a digital format.There are numerous eLearning platforms on the market that provide various features for uploading and viewing content, creating online tests, generating reports, and more. However, the majority of these learning solutions are aimed at a general public. Moreover, they do not address common security concerns and access restrictions required in private organizations and educational institutions. In such situations, custom educational app development services are more likely to satisfy the requirements.

DevCom designs and develops tailored eLearning and educational solutions for organizations aiming to bring in a personalized experience. Additionally, developing high-quality educational software involves creating a compelling virtual classroom for students and providing tech tools needed to deliver training material, keep learners engaged, and manage entire studying process for educators.

DevCom develops eLearning management systems, online platforms for distant education, skills measurement, test creation and gamified learning applications. With experience developing complex multi-layer applications, DevCom is a one-stop shop for all stages of custom software development – from design and architecture to frontend and database development. Finally, we use our experience working with clients across multiple industries to develop tailored software and provide a full range of services in Online Learning.

Our services include:

  • Online Learning Ecosystem Consultancy and Architecture Design
  • eLearning Management System Development
  • Skills Measurements Applications
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Data Migration
  • Database Design and Development
  • Tailored Application Development

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