Trivia Chat Bot

Hello, my name’s Trivia Bot,

I was created by DevCom as a demo chatbot. My main goal is to entertain you a bit with some trivia questions. A short game with 10 questions, as simple as that!

Here are some quick tips how to talk to me:

  • Hi, Hello - start conversation
  • Bye, Finish - end conversation
  • Y, Yes, Yeah, Ok, Sure, Fine - agree
  • N, No, Not - disagree
  • Help - ask for additional help with the conversation

Personally, I was created using the Microsoft Bot Framework. My creators wrote a short manual how to create someone like me - DIY (Part 1): How to Create Your Own .NET Bot.

Still, I have plenty of siblings created using all the major available technologies, including Facebook Bot Engine, and Aspect. Address DevCom to learn more.

Hope you’ll enjoy our conversation!