Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

DevCom helps maintain the value of software investments with extended maintenance and support services.

Many companies make significant investments in developing business-critical software to accelerate operational performance, creating value to end users and gaining a competitive advantage. At DevCom, we maximize the potential of such investments by providing technical and operational expertise to help business get the most out of their solutions.

We offer flexible support services to make sure applications run smoothly with zero downtime, while clients concentrate on new business opportunities. As part of our services, we provide corrective re-engineering of solutions, adaptive maintenance in altered environments, third party takeover, and scheduled maintenance to guarantee applications with the latest technologies.

Quality assurance is essential at every stage of software development project, starting as early as requirements validation and maintaining its integral role through the final release and ongoing maintenance. Following such a practice results in high-quality software and minimizes costs.

Reasons to consider maintenance and support include:

  • Protect technology investment
  • Enhance business performance
  • Reduce total cost of software ownership
  • Maximize uptime of business critical applications
  • Achieve compliance with industry standards

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