Digital Publishing

Digital Publishing

More and more people use their mobile devices to get information and consume content. Publishing is becoming accessible to everyone, and many tech companies are catching up with this trend, developing numerous platforms and tools making the process seamless and versatile.

DevCom helps large organizations and small publishers set up their digital ecosystem and start sharing the content. With experience developing Library Management Systems, setting up DRMs and developing tailored applications for niche publishers, DevCom is your ideal one stop media publishing studio. If you need a hand architecting your digital ecosystem or selecting the right DRM settings for the media, we are here to review your requirement and provide initial consultation free of charge.

DevCom offers a strong suite of services for Universities, Public Libraries and Medical Institutions looking to transfer to web-based libraries and content management systems. In organizations operating with large quantities of data across multiple departments it is crucial to utilize latest mobile technologies to maximize data access across multiple platforms and devices.

When content control and distribution becomes a concern, DevCom offers DRM setup and implementation services. DRM systems let users manage who gets to see digital content, how the content can be used and distributed, as well as when and where in can be accessed. It protects the most popular eBook formats, without limiting users into a single device, platform or vendor.

Adobe Content Server 4 allows you to control many different security settings (e.g. ebook print resolution, ebook expiration, etc.). Some of the most common restrictions include the number of times a user can print the book; and how much a user can copy from an ebook. And of course, as a default setting, the ebook cannot be opened on a computer that has not been authorised with the Adobe ID.

We use our practical experience working with clients across multiple industries to develop tailored software and provide a full range of services in digital publishing and DRM. Our services include:

  • Digital Ecosystem Consultancy and Architecture Design
  • Adobe Content Server Setup and Integration
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Data Migration
  • DRM Setup and Implementation
  • Database Design and Development
  • Tailored Application Development
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